ALL 3 ALBUMS Bundle (LP + 2xCD)

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1 Bundle, 3 Albums, 54 Songs:

• Gandhi Fans Against Gun Defence CD (2017 Reissue)
• More Than Meets D.I.Y. LP (10th anniversary pressing)
• Plague Allegiance DIGIPAK CD (2010)

Gandhi Fans Against Gun Defence CD (2017 Reissue).
Limited to 100 CDs!

20 songs recorded and mixed in 5 days in Dec 2001 for the first time on a proper CD release! Back then we only made ca. 50 promo copies for clubs and friends (burned CDr), so this will be the 1st actual CD pressing. Gandhi Fans was our first attempt to record a studio album that wouldn't sound like shit. We really tried our best (and still failed). We even borrowed a nice Fender Telecaster guitar for recording sessions. All songs were recorded in 1st take – and it shows – all the fuck ups, off key vocals, off timings, disharmonies, chipmunk backing vocals... it's all in there, as raw as it can be. No editing, no samples, no triggers, no melodyne. All original mix tracks were remastered (actually, the whole thing is mastered for the first time – we didn't bother with mastering back then – we had no idea what we're doing), and surprisingly it sounds quite OK now. Passable. Considering the shit in, shit out rule. Also, the booklet artwork – the 10-panel collage, that was done in true DIY fashion (photocopier, scissors, glue, tape) was digitally refreshed. The music is pretty bad, poorly recorded, nonsense lyrics, grammatical terrorism, crappy production… but it has a cool title, and there's even a song in french(ish)!


1 Eat The World
2 Breaking News
3 Show Me A Smile
4 No Money No Sweets
5 Toads And Goats
6 Negative Feelings
7 Gandhi Fans
8 Where's The Sunshine?
9 Le Samedi
10 The Defeat
11 My Vision
12 Rewind
13 Shiny Morning
14 Wild Wild Youth
15 Blue Skies
16 Green Winter
17 Vain Hopes
18 Kokomo
19 Diamond Tree
20 Punk Bastard

More Than Meets D.I.Y. LP (10th anniversary pressing)

More Than Meets D.I.Y. for the 1st time on vinyl! Limited to 300 on candy red! The release date marks the 10th anniversary of the original (CD) release (out of print for quite a while now). All original mix tracks were remastered by Alan Douches (Motörhead, Sepultura, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Deicide, Death, Nile, Municipal Waste, Mastodon, Tragedy, Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Hatebreed, Strike Anywhere, A Wilhelm Scream…) at West West Side Music, NY.


Side A
1 Optimus Prime
2 Flat Line
3 Rain Of Ruin
4 Coke Cain
5 Planet Xanax
6 Sunday
7 Places You Have Never Seen
8 Lack Of Inspiration
9 And Right Then Is When My Philosophy Became Straight
Side B
1 Heaven / Purgatory / Vietnam
2 Operation Successful – Patient Dead
3 I Was Made To Believe
4 Tomorrow When I Wake Up There Will Be A Brand New Happy Life For Me
5 Me Vs. Toilet Paper / Gandhi Vs. Heston
6 The Devil Came From Texas
7 Public Media Mass Hypnosis
8 Lovers
9 Wonderful Toys

Plague Allegiance (2010) DIGIPAK CD.
Includes 32-page full color booklet!


1 Mask Of Sanity
2 King Of Hearts
3 Hermit Crab
4 Serotonin Fix
5 Deception Of A Frozen Heart
6 Anti-Heroes
7 Lucid Fairytale Nightmares
8 Solitary Confinement
9 Blue On Blues
10 Integrated Cerebral Circuit
11 Corporate Puppet
12 Factory Of Neo-Con Stomping Boots
13 Sarcasticynic
14 Bite Me
15 Make My Day
16 Chess Pawn

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