More Than Meets D.I.Y. CD

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More Than Meets D.I.Y. (2006) CD

Remastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, NY.


1 Optimus Prime
2 Flat Line
3 Rain of Ruin
4 Coke Cain
5 Planet Xanax
6 Sunday
7 Places You Have Never Seen
8 Lack of Inspiration
9 And Right Then Is When My Philosophy Became Straight
10 Heaven / Purgatory / Vietnam
11 Operation Successful – Patient Dead
12 I Was Made to Believe
13 Tomorrow When I Wake Up There Will Be a Brand New Happy Life for Me
14 Me vs. Toilet Paper / Gandhi vs. Heston
15 The Devil Came from Texas
16 Public Media Mass Hypnosis
17 Lovers
18 Wonderful Toys