Plague Allegiance Cassete Tape

Image of Plague Allegiance Cassete Tape


As you may already know, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary as a band. For this occasion and in cooperation with Giljotina Records, we made a short run of our Plague Allegiance album on cassette tape. Only 50 tapes were made (1-10 on baby pink, 40 on mushroom grey) and hand numbered by the band.


Side A
1 Mask Of Sanity
2 King Of Hearts
3 Hermit Crab
4 Serotonin Fix
5 Deception Of A Frozen Heart
6 Anti-Heroes
7 Lucid Fairytale Nightmares
8 Solitary Confinement

Side B
1 Blue On Blues
2 Integrated Cerebral Circuit
3 Corporate Puppet
4 Factory Of Neo-Con Stomping Boots
5 Sarcasticynic
6 Bite Me
7 Make My Day
8 Chess Pawn